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Window Restoration

When your windows are showing signs of age, such as buckling or cracks, turn to our decorative glass company. R.D. Gibbs & Co. comes to your location to examine the damaged glass and determine whether it needs replacement or window restoration services. Damage may be caused by rocks, weather, age, or a variety of other factors.

Window Restoration

The Restoration Process

Often, repairs can be done on-site to replace individual broken pieces within the damaged panel. For extensive restorations, we will bring the window back to our studio to remove old lead, wash glass pieces in a cleaning solution, and rebuild the panels with the cleaned original glass in the same traditions of the craft. These restored windows are sealed and reinforced for long-lasting beauty then reinstalled.

New Installations

For windows that cannot be restored, we can replace the old window with a new window using the original design or a new design...depending upon your preference. For the best results, we would consult with you to provide the best options available for your circumstances.

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