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Glass, Etched Glass in Glendale, CA

Etched & Beveled Glass

Etched, beveled, and faceted glass from R.D. Gibbs & Co. are perfect for enhancing the look of your windows. Browse the various options we offer, then contact us for an estimate or any questions you may have about custom design options.

Beveled Glass

Specialty designs are created on beveled glass to look like old Victorian doors as well as the use of the brilliant cut that form starburst-like images. The brilliant cut can be used on any glass including crystal antique and is often polished to perfection. We also offer non-beveled glass for windows that can incorporate etched or carved glass.

Etched Glass

This process involves penetrating the glass surface with a special sandblasting grit or acid that produces the desired design concept in the glass. We can carve to various depths in the glass to create a beautifully dramatic effect.

Carved Glass

To enhance the creative and beautiful design of etched glass, carved glass uses the same processes to carve deeper into thick glass, allowing for unlimited design ideas perfectly suited to your expectations. The look achieved is subtly textured with depth that adds a realistic, almost 3-dimensional, feel.

For beautiful beveled and etched glass, call our decorative glass company at (888) 736-7728 in Glendale, California.