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Stained Glass, Decorative Glass Company in Glendale, CA

Decorative Glass Company in Glendale, California

Transform your windows with the help of R.D. Gibbs & Co., Inc., a decorative glass company in Glendale, California. We design, fabricate and install your decorative glass project. We also restore stained and etched glass for homes, churches and businesses.

Glass Options Include:

• Leaded
• Beveled
• Etched windows
• Stained
• Brilliant Cut
• Faceted

Excellence since 1979

R.D. Gibbs & Co. is a third-generation company specializing in window restoration and installation services. Our owner started in England with an apprenticeship at Canterbury Cathedral, then was invited to the USA and has since built his craft in the U.S.

More than 60 Years of Experience

Now, we continue with more than 35 years in business, offering excellent service, beautiful stained glass, and decorative work that will exceed your expectations. Whether you are offering our glass as a gift or want a unique design based on your child's drawing, R.D. Gibbs & Co. will gladly provide a beautiful piece that will give lasting pleasure...a gift that keeps on giving.

Use Our Glass For:

• Doors
• Entryways
• Bay windows
• Cabinet Doors
• Outdoor Patios
• Framed Hanging Panels
• Skylights
• Interior Room
• Partitions
• Outdoor Screens
• Light Boxes
• Living room windows

Awards: County of Los Angeles Library

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